Waxing is a very gentle and effective hair removal method that provides a smooth and hairless skin. The treatment should be repeated periodically because of a regrowth within 3-6 weeks of treatment.

You will feel that the hair growth becomes softer and thinner when you do regular wax treatments. If you make a wax, hair growth is also softer compared to, for example, shave off your hair growth with shaving.

To achieve the best possible result of the wax, the hairline should be about 7-8 mm. We recommend avoiding shaving between treatments to get the best results as you come to our treatment treatment.

Waxing Armpit.         THB 400

Waxing Arm Half.     THB 600

Waxing Arm Full.      THB 1000

Waxing Leg Half.      THB 700

Waxing Leg Full        THB 1200

Waxing Bikini.          THB 500

Waxing Brazilian.     THB 800